Why Gin?

Why choose to make Gin, the formidable opponent of our early college years and supposed cause of many unforgettable hangovers? When we ask people about their feelings on Gin, the phrases “I hate Gin” and “It tastes like Christmas Trees” are regularly uttered.  For some reason, a sweeping anti-Gin sentiment seems to surround us. But why? Gin can be subtle, rich, fresh with citrus, spicy, floral or just simply…delicious. When paired with the right ingredients, no finer cocktail will you taste. The amazing versatility of Gin has been demonstrated to us by some of the most brilliant culinary minds around, but still people grimace when they hear the word “Gin”. What are we missing?

Upon researching Gin and learning about its fall from fame to the hands of the more neutral alternative, Vodka, we quickly realized that not only was Gin a large cultural part of history but it was often misunderstood. A whole world of Gins exist; in all flavors and colors. From extremely thoughtful Gins produced with high quality ingredients to mass-produced Gins with perfume-grade oils added to imitate flavors. In effect, someone’s first experience with Gin could yield any number of reactions depending on which bottle they were drinking.

Genius Gin aims to change your expectations about Gin. The taste is bright, open, floral, intuitive, and accessible. Our Gin embraces the light freshness of Juniper and crispness of other natural botanicals to not create an abrasive spicy flavor, but a beautifully elegant spirit to be mixed with just about anything. We think we can change your mind about Gin. And to help, we’ll provides recipes, answers, and any support to heighten your Genius Gin experiences. This is our passion and we’d love to share a drink with you.