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Posted on May 16, 2013

Cup O G&T, kegged.

Cup O G&T, kegged.

Dogs like Gin too from what I've seen.

Dogs like Gin too from what I’ve seen.

I’m here listening to the new Daft Punk and hoping this will be the first of many posts.

Summer is coming.

Some great albums, films, and a Gin close to my heart are going to be released.

We have been working on the flavors and process for Genius for just over a year now. It’s been an incredibly humbling experience to say the least. People have been so supportive and the passion I’ve seen in others has been so inspiring. We’ve been able to share this passion project with creators and they’ve been able to share their creations with us. I really hope this dynamic becomes a permanent part of the Genius experience.

So here we are mid-May of 2013. We are only about 3 weeks out from being able to share this wonderful product with you. It feels like we’re standing on the very edge of an insanely high cliff. On the precipice of the future if you will….

We were able to contribute a case of Genius Standard for a fellow creator’s birthday party yesterday. I loved the kegged Gin and Tonic cocktail. But what I loved more was the sense of community at the party itself. Austin is a wonderful place with so many passionate people. I’m just flattered we can consider ourselves part of the group.

I hope we can share some great stories and experiences in this blog. If nothing else, this has been an intense journey so far and we aren’t even off the cliff yet.

Be back in touch once we’ve finally jumped……..