Oaked Genius Gin is an experiment and the result of a few mistakes. Innovation is often born out of error, and Oaked Genius Gin is entirely unique. Containing the same botanical blend as Genius Navy Strength Gin, the batches are proofed to 50% ABV and steeped with medium toast French Oak chips for 6-8 weeks. Whereas many Gins with color have been barrel aged or rested, Oaked Genius Gin is an exploration of deep oak flavor and its relationship with Gin botanicals. There are no additives or colorings used. The resulting color is stunning and the flavor offers a rich texture similar to a Cognac. With vanilla, baking spice, and caramel notes, Oaked Genius Gin is a wonderful remedy for the winter or a brilliant substitution for your favorite aged spirit in a cocktail. Limited quantities produced and available at a retailer near you.